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Move Multiple Products

In this article, you will learn how to move multiple product from one category to another. This can be extremely helpful for reorganizing or restructuring products in a new system, especially after you have made a copy of the system.

Often times, you will have a set of older products or discounts that you might still want to keep in the new system, but you might not want to have them all divided into quite a few different categories.

For organization’s sake, it can be much easier to have these products all located in another “Old Products” or “Previous Discounts” category. More on all of this below.

To move multiple products, first make sure you are on the Product Management page. Navigate to the Settings drop-down menu. Select Products to get to the Product Manage page.

Select the products that you wish to move from one category to another. To select the product by selecting the box to the far left of a product’s title.

Note that you can select products from more than just one category at a time.

You can also select all of the products on the product management page by clicking on the bulk select tool in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

select products

Next, you will want to select the Tools button in the top right corner of the product management screen.

product page tools

After selecting the tools button, you’ll see a menu drop down that will allow you to perform additional tasks.

Under the Move to Category header, you’ll see a list of your current existing categories. Click on the category you wish to move your products to.

Note: Depending on whether or not you have selected products before opening the “Tools” menu, different options will be displayed.

move to category

Your products will now be in the appropriate category.