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Add an Availability/Expiration Date to Products

To add an availability or an expiration date to products and discounts, navigate to the Settings drop-down menu. Select Products to get to the Product Management page.

Click the Edit button to the right of the product name you wish to add an availability or expiration date to.

You will see a box pop up that will allow you to edit your product. Click on the availability/expiration drop-down to expand your options and add your availability or expiration dates.

Here, you can add a date for your product to become available or expire. If you add an availability date, that product will not be presented to your registrants until that date. If you add an expiration date, that product will not be presented to your registrants on and after that date.

Keep in mind that these dates adjust according to U.S. Central time. If you do not add an availability or an expiration date, the products will always appear (unless you hide them with conditional logic).

Availability and expiration dates can be very useful to hide products before or after they should be appearing. An availability date can be applied to prevent classes, courses, or events from being registered for before the date you wish to provide them as options.

This feature can also be used to hide discounts from appearing until a particular date. Expiration dates provide the same function — they can be used to hide various discounts once the last day they are allotted has passed (i.e. Early Bird discounts).

Check out the various other features the Products module contains in order to further customize your registration experience to fit your unique requirements and make a great experience for your registrants.

You can add a description, create admin-only products, add a quota and waitlist, and determine what should happen with this product with our extensive Trigger functionality (conditional logic).

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