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Product Statistics


Product statistics can be found in two places: User Management and Product Management. Product Statistics will allow you to find overall statistics on all of the products in your system.

User Management: Click on the Users button to navigate to User Management.

Locate the overall statistics module in the top right corner. Click either Order or Balance.

This will open a listing of all products, the overall count, percentage sold, and the total income for each product. Download this report by clicking the Excel icon located in the report module.



Product Management: Go to the Product Management page.

To the left of the product price, you’ll see a progress bar that shows you how many times each product has been ordered and how many of those products are paid for. Click the progress bar to view more product statistics.

This will open up a report that will show you which users have the product in their cart, when they added the product, whether the product is locked, if they’ve paid for the product, the quantity ordered, and the price.