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Product Widget Settings

When presenting your offerings during your registration flow, you will use the product widget.

The product widget has several options to customize the experience your applicants have, including:


Leave this blank if you prefer to have the category names show. If you’d like to give the widget another name, enter in the Label field.

Products to Present 

The widget allows you to control the products that are shown on that form.

You can choose to have all products presented. Keep in mind, if your products have triggers, users will see only the products they are eligible for,  based on your trigger set up.

You can also set specific products to show. This is a great option if you separate your product offerings on your forms; for example: merchandise and program selection.

Again, triggers will override your settings here – so if that user cannot see specific programs in a category, they will will not see them on the form when that category is set to show. 

To select only some products, simply click “Set Products” to select the products you’d like included for this widget, on this form.


Filtering and Search 

If you’d like to allow users to filter for your products and services, you can enable product filtering on the widget settings.

Under “Filtering and Search”, click “On” for “Allow Product Filtering”.

From there you can edit the text shown on the filter on the front end including the dates, instructor information, location, Misc 1, and Misc 2 fields.

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