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Products Paid for According to Product Order

You control the order in which your products are paid for by your users. You can give certain products priority over others. This is especially useful if you have a mandatory registration fee product and add-on or merchandise products at a lower value.

Generally it will be best to leave this feature off so that it will use our algorithm to pay off products (our algorithm pays off as many products in full as it can, allocating partial payment to a remaining product). Turning the setting on will allow for products to be paid off only according to the order in which they appear on the product selection page (user-side) or the Product Management page (admin-side), from the top down.

To adjust this setting, first make sure you are on the Product Management page. To get there, navigate to the Settings left-side menu, and then select Products to get to the Product Management page.

 Product design

Towards the top right of your page, you should see an orange button, titled Tools – click it.

product tools

Once the drop-down menu appears, select General Product Settings from the list. It should be the first option under Configuration.

general product settings

Now click the Cart Payment Allocation Settings menu to open the options underneath.

cart payment allocation settings

Click the toggle button Allocate payments from top to bottom of product list regardless of the time of payment and toggle it “On”. This will set your system so that it pays for products according to the product’s order on the Product Management page, which you determine and can change.

top down allocation

Remember to click Save when you are done adjusting your settings!

save top down allocation

Now of course, you can test the system to make sure your users’ payments are allocating where they should. Make sure to pay attention to what order you have your products in (top down) to determine whether the system is now functioning the way you want it to.