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Regpack Recipe: Creating 1 Quota for Multiple Session Options

build sessions with 1 shared quota

If you have an offering with multiple options to select from AND 1 quota that all options must adhere to, Sessions makes this easy!

Let’s take an example of a course that is being held on Saturday and Sunday. The course can accommodate a maximum of 20 people, regardless of the session length they select. The provider has the course open to attend for just Saturday, just Sunday, and both Saturday and Sunday. The provider would like to charge different rates based on selection, but again, can only have 20 total people for the entire weekend course.

Let’s go over how we’d build out this offering using Regpack:

Step 1: Create a new session

Head over to Products, and then “Add Product” – either in an existing category or create a new one.

Name your session, and set the session price. Don’t worry, you can add different prices for each specific session option in the next step.

Be sure that under the first Settings tab, you turn “On” the option to allow users to only select one session option.

Step 2: Set your Session Quota

Under the Settings tab, scroll to the end and open “Quota Settings”.

Here you will set the quota for ALL sessions in this offering. For our example, we have a max quota of 20.

Click “update product” when you’re done.

Step 3: Create your time based sessions

Now you’re ready to move to the “Sessions” tab to create your session options.

We’ll create 3 options:

  1. Saturday
  2. Sunday
  3. Saturday & Sunday

Note that we did NOT include times for each day, but this is an option when setting up your sessions. Click “Add Times” to customize the start and end time for each offering. This is important for sessions that have multiple selections on the same day and you don’t want users to select 2 with a time conflict (the system will prevent time conflicts when times and dates are attached to the session).

Once you create your last session, you should see your 3 options listed in the Sessions tab. Note that we changed the price for the 1 day sessions to $500 and the full price for 2 days is different.

Step 4: Test it out on the front end!

When users are presented with this offering, they will only be able to select 1, since we marked that option in our settings.

Only 20 users will be able to select any of these options before the offering is no longer available.

Step 5: Watch the orders come in! 

From the products page, you will be able to see: the quota, the number of orders in a user’s cart, and the number of orders paid for.

If you click on the session, you can view the orders tab which will show you all users who have ordered the product.

From here you can also perform actions on these users, like send them an email, run a report, and more.

Here’s a great step by step video on creating a session with time slots and quotas:

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