Quota Options

You have the ability to set a capacity limit or a quota on your product as well as your product categories. There are many associated settings which you can control, including how, when, and whether the quota should display to your applicants. This is a great option if you want to raise the pressure of a product selling out.

To adjust these settings, first make sure you are on the Product Management page. To get there navigate to the Settings side menu. Then select Products to get to the Product Management page.

A quota can be enabled on a category level, a product level (session, activity/merchandise, and discount), or even on a day level. Simply click on the level you would like to edit and scroll down to find the quota settings.

On a category level, click “edit category”.

Then add the total number of users that should select a product from the category and click “update category”.

Note that even if spots remain available on a product in a category, if there is a category quota enabled, your users will not be able to continue selecting. Example: there are 3 products with a quota of 10 on each one, but the category quota is set to 20. That means as soon as 20 people have selected at least one of those 3 products, the category will no longer allow more selections, even though some products may still have room.

On a product level, click “edit” on the product. This can be a session type product, a service/merchandise/activity product, or a discount product.

If it is a discount product, then scroll down to the end of the settings menu and adjust the number. Using quotas on a discount is a smart idea if you want to limit the number of discount codes that can be used.

If it is a service/merchandise/activity product, then scroll down the settings menu and adjust the number.

Note that the default is 0, which means that there is no quota limiting the product.

Also note that you can enable a waitlist, so after the capacity has been met, users can still sign up.

If it is a session product, then you can set a quota at the original session level, the sub-session level, and the day level.

Note that you can only adjust a sub-session product after you have initially created it. Once it has been created, click “edit session” and jump over to the “options” section, then scroll down and adjust the quota number. You can also enable the waitlist here.

When you want to change the quota for a specific day in a session, click “edit session” and jump over to the “day(s)” section. Then click “edit” and adjust the quota number.


By default, when you enable a quota, the remaining capacity will be visible to your users. You can hide the remaining capacity product details by clicking the Tools button at the top of the Product Management page.

Then select the Products General Settings under Configuration.

At the bottom you’ll see Quota Settings, click on this to expand the display.

From here you’ll have various different settings you can turn on and off. We’ve provided an overview of each of them below.

Remember to click Save after you’ve made your changes!

One more thing to note about quotas. On your Product Management page you will see an on-going tally of total paid/ordered/quota and if a product currently has a waitlist or is sold out.

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