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Setting up Discounts in Your System

Regpack makes setting up discounts in your system easy!

Discounts can be triggered based on specific fields, set to work for a period of time, and only apply to some products. Discounts can also be set as a finite amount (dollar amount) or as a percentage. There are many ways to customize the discount experience for your registrants.

In this article, you’ll learn how discounts can be created in the system, and the different options you have when setting them up.

In the products module, simply create a new product and select “Discount” as the product type:

Create a discount product in Regpack.

Step by Step Guide to Creating a Discount Product

To get started, you will want to be on the Products page, accessed through the side bar.

Once on Products page, you can create a discount by selecting “Create New Product” in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

We recommend that you try to keep discounts in their own category, separate from products, just for organization’s sake.

Click here to learn about how to set up a new product category.

create new product

Next, indicate that this will be a discount through the toggle at the top of product menu, and then give the discount a name. Here you can also place the discount into a category.

Create a new product with days and session build out for your program.

Next, you can set the value of this discount and toggle if it will be a percentage or a set value.

If you would like to discount a user in full, you can set the discount to 100, and select the “%” symbol. If you then select the “$” symbol, the system will then discount $100.

After deciding the value of the discount, you can then select if this discount should be visible to users or if it can be ordered more than once.

Generally, discounts are triggered under the condition “Automatically Add to User’s Cart”, which will automatically hide the discount. This makes the toggle “Visible to Users” redundant. Just for safe measure you can have it set to “Off”.

Scrolling down, you will see a section titled “Discount Properties”.

Here you can decide if the discount should apply to the entire order (through the “Entire Order” option) or just to a specific set of products (through the “Selected Products/Services” option).

Setting specific products to discount can be helpful to preserve things like registration fees, that might need to be paid regardless of the discount.

You can set the discount to apply to specific products by selecting the “Set Products” button. shown in the picture above.

If you do decide to set certain products that the discount will apply to, note that when choosing you can select whole categories or just individual products within a category.

Once you click “Set Products”, you’ll see the screen below. This is where you can select categories, or click the arrow on the right, and select only specific products in that category. Be sure to click “Set” at the bottom to confirm your choices.

You can also set discounts to only apply for a certain period of time through the “Availability/expiration date” option.

These options work perfect for setting up an “early bird” discount that should only work for a set period of time.

Additionally, you can also put a cap of the number of times a discount can be given. This can be done by setting a number in the “Quota Settings”.

This works well if you would like to give a discount to the first 50 users who register. You can set the discount to “Automatically Add to User’s Cart” when the user creates an account, and have the discount with the 50 person quota.

When you have finished setting up the discount, go ahead and select “Create Product” at the bottom of the page.

Triggering your discount

The next step is triggering your discount so it works as intended.

In some cases you might create a discount product and add it manually to a user, but triggering the discount based on a specific set of criteria will automate this process for you and ensure your registrants bills are accurate.

To learn how to create and manage product triggers, refer to these articles:

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Product / Service Triggers

How to add a discount to a user manually

If you’d like to add a discount manually to a user or group of users, simply head over to User Management, and add the discount product to the user’s cart.

You can also bulk add a discount product to a filtered group of users. Just filter for the users you’d like to add a discount to, select them all, and click “Add product” at the top.

Add a discount to a group of filtered users in your project.