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How to Copy a Project in Regpack



Copying projects allows you to create a brand new database in which you can manage your next round of applicants. If you want to see the answers to common questions you can click here, and below we’ll review how to create a copy step by step!


First, click settings, and then project settings.



Click the create new project button at the top left of the page to get started:



You’ll be taken to a page where you are able to either copy this project or create a new one from a template (here is more information on that). Choose to either copy this project or copy over one of your other ones.



Once you’ve made your selection you’ll need to make some final decisions:


1) Give the project a name



2) Accept the mandatory charge of $50, and decide whether you would like to have a project manager assigned to you for additional assistance



3) And decide what information you would like to copy over from your original project into the new copy.

  • Electronic Payment Processing Account
    • Payouts in the new project will continue to be will be deposited to the same bank account associated with the project which you have copied
  • User Statuses
    • Keep all of your current status’s which you have been applying to your applicants in their status box
  • Forms
    • Includes all of the fields on each of your forms
  • Products
    • Includes all of their associated settings (prices, quotas, etc…)
  • Reports
    • Includes all of your report templates
  • Emails
    • Includes all email templates, including all tokens
  • Auto billing Plans
    • Will not affect your current users on auto billing, but will copy over your current plans
  • Scheduler units
    • Copies over your time units – note that dates will need to be updated
  • Triggers
    • Will copy over all of your current triggers for emails, products, fields, etc… (highly recommended)
  • User Information Porting
    • Will port over your applicant’s information for fixed fields (such as addresses, contact info, etc…). Variable fields, upon which things are triggered (examples could include grade, age, etc…) are left blank so that they can be answered again.



Click “Create Project”, and you are all done!