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How to Create a New Project from a Template


Creating new projects from a template gives you a running start on getting your new project set up. Here’s how!


First, click settings, and then project settings.



Click the create new project button at the top left of the page to get started:



You’ll be taken to a page where you are able to either copy this project (more on that here) or create a new one from a template. Select which template best matches your goals (if you’re not sure, just choose the closest!)



Choose whether your applications will be completing a single set of forms, or whether they should be able to create profiles for multiple people (each profile associated with it’s own form set).

From here, the paths will be a bit different, so we’ll walk through this for a group application (since they make all the options an individual registration would make, plus a few more)!



Confirm whether you will be taking orders from your applicants (ie, that they have a product in their cart which displays a balance they are expected to pay).



If you have a group registration system, decide whether they should be paying per profile, or making a single payment for the entire account.



You’ll now have a list of possible templates to choose from. Feel free to click “try it out” to create a test user on one of these projects, and keep in mind that you’ll be able to edit this template once it’s built to specifically fit it to your needs.



Once you’ve made your choice, give the project a name



And make sure to confirm the mandatory charge for the new project, and decide whether you would like to have a project manager assist you.



Click “Create project”, and you’re all done!