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Embedding Regpack into a Wix Site


Please see here an example of an embedded Regpack system into a wix site:


In order to do this you need to do the following on the wix system:

  1. Create a new page (or use the page you have).
  2. Clear out everything from the page except the title and the navigation. Basically have a blank content page.
  3. Through the wix options select “add” and then the “more”.
  4. Select the top option “html & flash” and from it the “html code”
    Now this is the important part: when adding the widget to the page make sure it is taking the full width possible and then drag it to take up as much of the height as possible. I would not go too crazy but at least 1500px height if not 2000px height (you may need to manually plug in these height and width dimensions).
  5. In the Backend of the Regpack system, click settings -> project setings -> embedding tab, copy the code and then add the code(double click the widget in order to go into its settings. There select “html code”.)
  6. Embed the script you’ve received from your project manager or simply go to “Project Settings” in your Admin account to grab the embed code.
  7. Click update.
  8. Your regpack system will show up.