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Project Settings – Embedding Tab


The embedding tab can be accessed under the project settings tab:



The embedding tab has a number of useful functions, which are broken into the below categories:


Iframe Code


You are able to embed your iframe code by following the instructions below:

  • Copy the code and open up the page you want to have the Regpack system in your favorite editor.
  • Paste the entire HTML code, from start to end, where you would like it to be.The iframe will adjust its width based on the parent it is inside of. It is ideal that the iframe has at least 900 pixels of horizontal space. The iframe will also adjust its own height in your webpage based on what is inside of the iframe, so make sure its parent does not have the CSS property of overflow:hidden and ideally does not have an absolute height.
  • Publish the new page and the iframe will appear.


If you are experiencing any issues please look at one of these articles for further reference:


Embedding Regpack on a Wix site



Template Site


Regpack offers you a mini site we created just for this project. It is highly advised to use the embedding options above when allowing users to register. The mini site should be used when testing your system and altering it.


Configuration options in this section Only affect the site at:

They have no effect on pages you embedded your system in. If you intend to embed your system you can disregard this section.