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Project Settings – General Tab

The General tab in Project Settings allows you to control system preferences and gives you the option to connect marketing tools to your project.

To access the General Tab, go to Settings —> Project Settings —> click General at the top of the page.


System Settings

System Status: The System Status controls whether your project is open for registration or development, archived, or closed.

  • Open – will present normally to your applicants
  • Closed – will allow you to create a “closed” message and present it to your applicants. No one will be able to register
  • Development mode – Deters applicants from registering, but is generally active until your project is live
  • Archive Project  – closed for registration and login, data porting disabled, will not show up in projects list to admins

Project Name: This is how you refer to your project in Regpack. The project name appears on the front-end, on the Regpack hosted page, only if you choose to host your project on Regpack. On the back-end, you will see the project name in your list of projects, and at the bottom of your screen.

Applicant Naming: You can have the system refer to front-end users using titles that match your project. For example, a camp for children can set the system to label groups as families, head units as parents, and sub-units as campers.

Naming Presented in User Management: By default, the system presents your user accounts in the User Management module by First and Last name. This can be changed to present the accounts by an organization’s name instead if that is what is better suited for your project.

Remember to save your changes!


Marketing Tools

System email and System email name: Use these fields to enter the email address and name you want system emails to be sent from.

Link your marketing tools: If you use  Google Analytics, Bing Tag, or Facebook Pixel as  tools to track and report the traffic of your registration cycle, you can enter your account IDs/codes to connect them to your Regpack project. If you do not know your ID/code, follow the instructions in the settings page. 

Remember to save your changes!