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Project Settings – Payments Tab

Your Project Settings include essential details to finalize before launching your registration, like changing your project name, changing your soft descriptor, enabling Purchase Protection, embedding the iframe on your website, adding tabs of additional info for your attendees, and more.

If you have any questions about a checklist to review before clicking “Open for Registration and Login”, feel free to reach out to our Support Team (or your assigned Project Manager).

For now, we’ll review the Payments Tab.

To access the Payments Tab, click Settings and then Project Settings.

Then click the Payments option at the top.

payments settings

The payments tab has a number of useful functions, which are broken into two categories: Payments and Taxing. We’ll dive into the details of each below:

Set Payments Merchant Account

This section will show all available merchant accounts connected to your organization that you can use to process payments for this project.

If you have no merchant accounts available, the section will allow you to begin the application for your merchant account. Reach out to our Payments team with questions – payments@regpacks.com.

If you have more than 1 merchant account, select from the available options and click “Select as Processing Account” to use that merchant account to process payments.

If you need to add an additional merchant account, you can do so by clicking “Set up an additional merchant account”. Once approved, it will appear as an option in your merchant account list to select from.

You can select different merchant accounts for every project in your organization. This is great if you need to process in different currencies, or would like to have multiple bank accounts receive payouts.


payments _1

Soft Descriptor

This is the descriptor that will show up on the credit card and bank statements of your users. Note that some banks will not present this descriptor due to bank limitations.

Including a soft descriptor is one way you can avoid chargebacks. Learn more about chargebacks in this help article.

Use Same Saved Payment Method Between Attendees 

This will save your payment method for all sub-units so payments can be made quickly for all other sub-units or attendees. If turned off, the user will need to enter a new payment method for each sub-unit payment.

Allowed Credit Cards

allowed credit cards

These settings allow you to control your payment processing fees by limiting, if desired, the higher fee credit cards like Amex, Discover, and Diners.

Turning these “off” will not allow users to pay with this card type. We recommend keeping it on to give more payment options. You can use the settings, below, to charge a service fee on these card types to offset your costs.

Credit Card Fees

credit card fees

These settings allow you to control the costs you pay and that are presented to your users during checkout.

Online Service Fee will add the % you’ve put in to be added to the user when checking out with a credit card. The % value is limited to your contracted processing rates.

You can turn on or off fees on check and debit cards, as indicated in the field above. Off means users will not be charged a service fee when using a debit card.

You can customize the text of the online service fee that is presented to your users by completing the last 2 fields.

ECheck Fees

echeck fees

You can also charge a service fee on eCheck payments, which will lower the processing fee you pay. We do NOT recommend this, as eCheck processing fees are the lowest and it’s best to encourage and offer a service fee free option to your users.

If you opt to charge a % service fee on eChecks, the amount you input is limited to your contracted rates.



If needed, you can enable taxing for transactions in your system based on your county, state, or country requirements.

To do this, turn taxing “On” and set the % of tax to add to transactions. You can customize the text to present for the line item to the users.

Extra Payment Options

extra payment options

There are 2 options to control how payments function in your system, including turn on / off payments in your system and turning on/off Autobill in your system.

We recommend both options set to “On” when your project is open for registration.

Financial Contact 

project settings payments financial contact

You can set the admin email address that payment receipts come from when users in your project make a payment.

This email is listed on payment receipts and all other payment-related emails.

You can set financial contacts as well, which will allow selected admins to receive payment notification emails for negative payment situations like chargebacks, declines, and cancelations.

If you do not select a financial contact, these emails will send to all licensed admins marked as “owner”.

Lastly, you can enable on/off whether to send admins end-user payment notifications. This means that all payment-related emails that send to users also send to the financial contacts set in the previous setting. We do NOT recommend turning this on if you have large amounts of payments, as it will create unnecessary noise in your inbox. You can use our filters and payment reporting instead.