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Project Settings – Registration Tab


The registration tab can be accessed under the project settings tab:



The registration tab has a number of useful functions, which are broken into the below categories:





New applicants can register

“Off” prevents any new users in this project.
“On” is recommended setting.


Project Start Page

This controls the initial form that loads for any visitors to your project. All landing page forms must be marked as “anonymous” (more on that here).

“Register” (system form) is the recommended setting.


Which form should appear after account creation?


This is the form the system will present right after a new user registers.


Note that if you select a specific form and the user does not have the form in their list, the system will send the user to the “first incomplete form”.


“First incomplete form” is the recommended setting.


Logging In


Which form should appear when returning applicants log in?

This is the form that will present when a returning user logs in.
“First incomplete form” is the recommended setting.


Other Settings



Capitalize names

The system will try to make sure names entered in latin characters are capitalized correctly. For example: “john” will be turned into “John” (without quotes).


Note that the system will only capitalize the first name, last name and organization name fields. It cannot auto detect other name fields.

Set to off only if you are seeing issues with this feature.
“On” is recommended setting.


Check emails against DNS servers

The system will check the email address against a set of DNS servers to make sure it is a valid email in addition to checking its structure.


Turn this off only if you are seeing major issues with this feature (very rare). “On” is recommended setting.


Password recovery email links to embedded page

When a password recovery is requested the system will give the users a link to the page the system is embedded into. This keeps your users on your site at all time.


Turn this off only if you are seeing issues with this feature (very rare and will happen only if you are using a non-standard URL structure on your site). “On” is recommended setting.


Submit button position on right

It is best to have the submit button on the right. When that is the case the “skip this step” option will be on the left (if visible).


If turned off the submit button will be on the left and the skip option on the right.


Alter the default if your website design demands it.
“True” is recommended setting.