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Going Live: How to Turn Your Project On and Off

When your project has been completed and you have sufficiently tested your system, it is ready to be turned on to begin collecting live registrations and payments!

To turn on your project, simply navigate to Settings –> Project Settings.

Under the “General Tab”, you will see the “System Status” section. Select “Open for Registration and Login” and your project will be live!

How to turn your Regpack project on to begin registration.

Remove Test Users

Now that your project is live, you will want to make sure all of your test users have been archived, so they do not show up in your future reports. Learn how to archive users here.

Making Future Edits to a Live Project

Down the line, if you have critical edits to make to your project, you can change the system status from “Open for Registration and Login” to “Closed for Registration and Login”. This will prevent all users from accessing the project, even if they have created accounts. Typically, this is reserved for situations where you need to fully stop registration to make a major edit, or maybe close off registration for the event.

Development Mode

This status is only used while actively building your system, before you go live. A message is presented on the front end alerting any users that the project is in development mode.

Switching the system to “Development Mode” will not prevent users from logging in, paying, or changing their registration. This will simply alter the banner displayed in red at the top of the page warning the user that the registration is under construction.

Closed for Registration and Login

This status will disable the project completely on the front-end.

Please note that if you change your system’s status to “Closed for Registration and Login” – this does NOT suspend your Regpack account or automatically mark users in the projects as inactive. It simply closes that project for live registration and payments.

You can customize the message users will see when your project is closed.

Archive Project

This means the project is closed for registration and login. Users will see a message, which you can customize in the field provided.

The project will NOT show up in your project list, and you’ll need to click “Archived Projects” in order to view. Applicants that register in a new project, copied from an archived project, will not have user info ported over.

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If you have any questions about your system status, reach out to the Support Team.