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Going Live: How to Turn Your Project On and Off

To turn a project on or off, navigate to Settings -> Project Settings -> click on the “General” tab -> find the “System Status” section -> use the dropdown menu to select the status -> save.

project settings general


Each status will affect the visibility and usability of the project, depending on what you want to do with it:

  • Open Project

    Opening a project will allow the system to accept registrations and process payments. Use the “Open Project” status only when your project build is complete, you have sufficiently tested your system, and you’re ready to go live.


  • Closed for Registration and Login

    Turning a live project off will disable it only on the front-end, preventing all users from accessing it until you turn it back on. Instead, users will see a customizable message on the front-end informing them that it is closed.

    Use this status when you need to entirely stop registration to make a critical edit or close off registration for the event.


  • Development Mode

    The Development Mode status allows you to test your system as you’re building it before going live. Learn how to create test users here and how to archive test users when you’re done testing here.


  • Archive Project

    When you archive a project, the project is closed on the front-end for users, who will see a customizable message instead. The project will NOT show up in your project list unless you click “Include Archived Projects.”