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How to Create a 2 Step Process

Regpack makes it easy to create a 2 step process for your business: whether you require an initial deposit and application submission with approval, scholarships, staff / job application process, and more.

Regpack Recipe: Build a 2 Step Process

Ready in 30 Minutes!

Individual or Group System

2-5 Forms

Payments optional


  • 1 landing page
  • 2-5 Forms
  • 1 payment form + Merchant Account
  • 2-5 Emails
  • 1-5 Products

Which template should I use?

There are a few templates we recommend, however the real “work” is in your triggers. You can learn best practice for how to setup email triggers, form triggers, status triggers, and product triggers to better help you customize the 2 step process for you.

To get started, you can use our standard individual system to build on:

2 step application process template

Steps for Mandatory Fee Based 2 Step Process (All Automated):

  1. Create your forms
  2. Create your product or products
  3. Set initial forms that everyone should see, triggering by “User Account Created” or “Child Created” (if using a group system)
  4. Ensure the checkout form is early in the process in order to capture initial deposits or fees quickly
  5. Trigger your 2nd step / stage forms that come after checkout form with the trigger “Payment Approved”
  6. Create an “approval” email, which triggers to send to you and the user, trigger on “Payment Approved”
  7. TEST YOUR SYSTEM! Make sure it behaves the way you want!


This set-up is all automated, which means that completing a payment in Step 1 will automatically move the user to step 2 – adding forms and/or products to the user’s profile in order for them to complete your registration process.

Automation is achieved through the “payment approved” trigger. Once a payment is approved, it can trigger more forms, as well as an email that can go out to both you and the user, or just the user.

When to use this setup: 

  • Courses that require an initial fee to hold a spot, but requires
  • If you want to require payment before the user can complete the remainder of the application so they cannot take up quota spots for your products and programs

Steps for Status Based 2 Step Process (Requires Manual Status Change):

  1. Create the forms needed for your process
  2. Create email templates that communicate to users where they are in the process.
  3. Create email templates that communicate to you (or your other admins) where the user is in the process.
  4. Create a status that indicates a user has moved to step 2
  5. Go to your first email and trigger it to send to the user when your first form is submitted. (the first step is complete)
  6. Go to your next email and trigger it to send to yourself (or another admin) when your user has submitted the first form (completed the first step)
  7. Go to your final email and trigger it to send when your step 2 status is applied to the user
  8. Go to your forms and trigger the step 2 forms to add to a user’s profile once their step 2 status is applied
  9. TEST the system to ensure it works as you intended!


This set-up requires 1 manual step from you, which is setting the status of the users in order to trigger the 2nd step.

We recommend triggering an email when step 1 is completed to you and/or other admins so you can make the choice to go in and set the status to Step 2 based on your evaluation process. You might want to control who can reach step 2, which is why you’d use this set-up.

Once you set the “Approved” status to a user, your next email and forms / products can be triggered to add so they can complete the registration and payment process.

When do use this setup: 

  • Approval process for a subsidy, discount, or scholarship
  • Approval process for staff applications


For all triggered emails that go out to users, you can also send an internal email that is triggered on the same conditions to you and/or other admins.

This allows you to get an email any time someone makes a payment, sign-ups, or reaches the 2nd stage. It’s your process, so you can customize what notifications you receive!

Group or Individual System?

We recommend an individual system for this type of project, as it simplifies the trigger and email process.

It is possible to achieve this setup with a group system. For help and tips on how best to set up this type of system in a group system, reach out to Support at support@regpacks.com.

Remember! Your form flow is a top down order, so however you have them listed in Form Management is how they will be presented to the user, including what is triggered. Make sure your forms are in the most useful order. If something is triggered to show after payment, make sure those forms are listed beneath the checkout form.

Also be aware of what level those forms are on: organizer/head level or attendee/sub level (listed on the form to the right in Form Management view) in a Group system.