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How to Create a Company Training Registration Project

Ready in 30 minutes!


  • Group / Family System
  • 5 Forms
    • 3 Parent
    • 2 Child
  • 2 Emails
  • 1+ Products
  • 2 Autobilling Plans
  • 1 Checkout form


  1. Create a new group project.
  2. Build out your training options with our Sessions products so you can add dates and times including time conflict and quota management.
  3. Test and go live!

Which template should I use?

For a training event or course, you’ll want to select one of our group templates under events or courses.

In the example below, we select an event template:

Customize Your Project

The next step is to customize your project.

First, you’ll want to head over to the Forms section to customize the information you’ll collect during the registration process.

Since this is a group system, you’ll want to create the forms you need completed one time by the group organizer on the “Head-Level” and the information you need to collect for each attendee on the “Sub-level”.

Hover over each form and click “Edit Form Fields” to access the questions in each form.

Once the forms are completed, now you’re ready to add products.

You can add as many or as little offerings as you need, including discounts.

Below you’ll see a registration fee, which will be added to every attendee’s cart and as well as 2 training options that each attendee can select from.

Note that the 2 sessions are scheduled for the same dates, but different times. The system will automatically prevent an attendee from registering for both sessions since their dates conflict.

You can also set sessions with quotas, so that the session does not overbook.

As you can see in the example above, while there are options for sessions for each attendee, there is also a registration fee that every attendee will pay.

You can have this fee automatically added to every attendee cart either by triggering it to add with every child created or by having the organizer select it at the beginning of registration, so it will automatically add to each attendee’s cart.

To do this, simply add the product widget on a “head-level” form and have it show ONLY the registration fee product, as shown below.

Next, ensure the product settings under “General Product Settings” is to set to “auto add child products to all”, as shown below.

This will ensure that when the organizer selects the registration fee, it is automatically added to every attendee or sub-level account it creates going forward.

You can have all products included on the head level, if all attendees the group organizer is registering will attend the same session or course, which will ensure the registration process flows quickly for the organizer.

Checkout and Payment

The template has already included a checkout form in the project, so once product selection is complete, the organizer can easily review the selections and make a payment.

The system will save the payment method on file for future payments, including future offerings or additional add-on’s that can be added later, like a dinner or special session.

If your training is a high price, we advise you to add Autobill plans to offer various payment plans to group organizers who might not want to pay the full amount due all at once. You can learn more about setting up autobill plans here and how to trigger plans based on product selection here.