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How to Create a Donation Project

Regpack provides an easy to build template to create a customized donation tool that you can embed on your website and share with anyone!

how to build a donation project in Regpack

Ready in 20 minutes!

Anonymous System (No Account Requirements)

2 Forms


  • One Landing Page
  • One Checkout Form


  1. Create a new project: With our ability to attach products to a specific product widget this can be done within an existing project, but we recommend building this as a standalone offering
  2. Choose our donation template: Easy as pie! Check out where to find it in the video below.
  3. Build donation offerings/packages: Use our products to build out as many options as you’d like.
  4. Check in with our payments team: Feel free to ask questions if you have specific reporting requirements. In some cases, a 2nd merchant account may need to be open, so this is a great thing to ask. Email payments at payments@regpacks.com.
  5. Test and Go Live! Make sure it all works, embed the project on your website, and track all of your funds collected in our reporting tools.

Use the donation template when creating a new project.

How to Make Your Donation Project a Success

Use our Donation Template

The system provides a basic anonymous donation system that includes 2 forms: the donation selection form and the checkout form.

Head over to “Create New Project”, shown above, and select “Donations”. Then create the project and customize away!

Because the system is anonymous, donors do not have to create an account in order to make a donation, which will make the donation process quick and easy!

Use the embed code to place this form directly on the page on your website you’d like to collect donations. You can also put the URL of this page behind any “Donate” buttons on your website to direct more traffic to you donation page.

Ideas on using RP Tools to collect donations on your website

  • Create email campaigns to market and stay in touch with donors
  • Trigger an email to say thanks!
  • Send a follow up email at a later date with how their funds were used, including pictures or links to video content.
  • Download weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports on all donations.
  • If donation campaigns are a common occurrence for your organization feel free to use our template as a basis to create your own internal template. Creating future campaigns can be as easy as one click to copy and go live!