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How to Build a Job Application

Regpack makes it easy to create a simple or comprehensive job application for applicants to complete. You can even create a 2-step process to screen candidates before having them move on to the next stage or stages of your interview and hiring process.

how to build a job application


1 individual system

1 e-signature widget

1 calendly widget

3 statuses

2 emails


  1. First create your new project. We suggest an individual system with no payments.
  2. Next, create your flow and questions.
  3. Create your email templates and trigger them based on the stage the applicant is in.

Create your application project:

create a new job application project

Head to “Membership”, then individual and no payments. You’ll find a staff application template already created!

Customize the project with your questions

customize job application forms

As you can see, the template we selected has done most of the work for us. In the example above, we added an e-signature waiver to one form. You can add, remove, or edit the fields in the template to suit your needs.

Note that we created 2 email templates – 1 to send to the new applicant and one to send internally to notify an admin when a new application is created.

2 step process set up

If you’d like to add more forms to the user after they’ve been screened by an admin, you can do this easily using statuses.

Create a status, for example “Second Stage”, and then create the forms you’d like 2nd stage applicants to complete. Trigger those forms when the status is changed to “Second Stage”, as shown below. You can also trigger an email based on the status change letting the applicant know they need to log back in and complete additional forms.

2 step application process

Using the status tool, you can manage where all applicants are in the process.

Use the comments feature to note interactions and interview notes with your team.

user comments

And use internal admin forms to record any information you’d like during the application process.

Create an admin only or internal form

To make a form admin only, meaning only admins logged in can view the form, not the applicant, simply set the form settings to “Admin Only”.

admin only form