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How to Manage Registration for Your Virtual Streaming Event

Regpack provides an easy way to manage registration for your virtual streaming event. Use one of our many templates to pick the exact set-up you need, and utilize our trigger tools to send out emails with the streaming links automatically as attendees register and pay.

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  • 1 landing page
  • 2 forms
  • Checkout widget
  • 2 emails

You can find a variety of event templates that will make it easy to create this project with minimal set up.

Virtual Event Template Selection

In the example below, we selected an event template with a single guest option, but take a look at all the templates we offer to select the best one for your virtual event project.

Use our pre-built templates to build a virtual event project.

Customize Your Event Template

Once you get your project set up, you’ll want to edit the forms to ask the questions and information you need.

The best way to control who gets the URL to your live streaming event and/or individual sessions, is to utilize the email trigger functionality.

This allows you to have the system automatically send an email with relevant streaming links and other information exclusive to registrants based on their registration status.

You have a few trigger options :

  • Send an email with the virtual streaming link when the event is fully paid for
  • Send an email with information when it’s added to the attendee’s cart
  • Send an email with the streaming link to all paid for registrants manually shortly before the event.

Depending on what experience you’d like applicants to have, will determine the best way to communicate with attendees.

If you’d like to set up an email trigger with the streaming link and send it to all attendees who have PAID for the event, you can do that easily.

First you’ll want to create the email template. Head to Settings –> Emails and create a new email.

Once it’s all set, set up a trigger to send the email to the attendee when the event is paid for.

You can also set the trigger through “payments” and “user balanced closed” – but that depends on what you consider paid for. The best way, as shown below, is to have the specific event product paid for, which will allow the attendee to purchase other things and the payment status of those will not affect their ability to receive the email with the link.

If you have any questions about the best trigger set up for your project, email support@regpacks.com and they’ll help!

Trigger the Email Based on the Attendee’s Payment Status

Trigger your virtual event link to send as an email to attendees when the event is paid for.

Note that in the email template we show in the above video, allows you to customize the email template a variety of ways!

Personalize the email using tokens

  • Add a token in the subject line to personalize the email – this could be the attendee’s first name, or anything!
  • Utilize additional system tokens in the body, including their order status, payment details, order details, and more. The cart token is a good one!
  • Emails allow you to CC and BCC other emails in the system, as well as admins. If you’d like to get a copy of the emails as they go out, BCC your admin email when setting up the trigger.