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How to Create a Membership Application Project

We offer a few membership templates to make membership applications, dues payments, and renewals easy.

Check out the recipe below to see how to build a basic membership project in your Regpack account.

membership recipe


  • 1 membership template (individual with payments)
  • 3 recurring products
  • 3 recurring donations products (optional)
  • 1 triggered email (payment confirmation for new membership cycle)
  • 1 report (list of members)
  • 3 forms (basic information, product selection, checkout form)
  • Optional: make anonymous if you don’t require login

Step 1: Create a new membership application project

Head to “Create new project” and select “membership” from the options list.

We recommend an individual system with payments.

membership template

Step 2: Customize your products with your membership options

membership product

The template will come pre-loaded with a few products. You can edit or create new products based on your membership tiers and options.

When creating a new product, ensure you’ve selected the “Recurring / Donations / Membership” Product type, which will give you the settings you need to allow the membership to reoccur on different cycles – monthly, annually, etc.

membership product type

First set the category and named your product. Then set your price.

Recurring Settings

If you’d like the product to reoccur, meaning you’d like it to add automatically at set intervals (monthly, annually, etc), you can set that in the settings below the price.

annual membership plan

Select when the product should add and based on what user action.

Then, select when the product should STOP adding (never, after X number of occurrences, or fixed date)

These 2 settings will ensure that any membership cycle will be automated.

Once you set how often the product will reoccur, you can set the auto charging, upgrade/downgrade settings (optional), and the description.

membership autocharging and description


Autocharge simply means that once the product is added to the cart, the system with a saved payment method on file, will automatically charge the user the amount of the membership.

You can set a charge delay if you’d like, which is a set number of dates AFTER the product is added to the user’s cart.

You can also set the description for the product, which will show on the front end to the users.


Upgrade / Downgrade

For upgrades and downgrades, the system will allow you to set which products the user can upgrade or downgrade to if this product is what they currently have in the cart.

Settings include what message to show, whether or not you allow for it, what the button text should say, and a tool to set the products eligible for upgrade/downgrade.

The system can also pro-rate the user when they upgrade/downgrade based on the cost of their current product and the new product they select.

All of this is customizable by you so you can set the experience you would like to have.

Step 3: Add Donation Options

The recurring product type is perfect for donations as well. This is a great addition to your membership project if you are collecting additional donations on top of your membership dues.

Use the settings as shown below to allow users to make a donation recurring.

donation product settings

Set “User decides if it’s recurring” to on if you’d like them to opt-in to a recurring donation. You can also turn “on” auto select as recurring which will opt them in by default to a recurring donation (ideal!)

Step 4: Set up triggered emails

Once you’ve set up your products, create any email templates you’d like to go out once a user makes a payment. This can include additional details of their membership, what is included with their membership, and a summary of their order.

You can set up different email templates that trigger on specific products ordered as well, which allows you to include specific information related to that membership plan.

You can also trigger an email to send every time a new member pays that can go to your internal staff and any Regpack admin.

Step 5: Place the embed code on your website and start collecting membership applications!

It’s easy to embed your membership application on your website. Follow the steps here to learn how!

embed code for regpack

Then just set your project status to “Open” in Project settings, and you’re good to go!