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How to build the best online class registration project with Regpack

We make it easy to build out a customized class registration project using Regpack’s tools, including family registration, automated payment plans, check-in/check-out and reporting tools to make class management a breeze!

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Ready in 45 minutes! 

You’ll need:

  • 1 class registration template: individual or group
  • 3-5 forms including product widget, checkout widget
  • 3-5 emails
  • 2-4 reports
  • 2+ Admins

Creating a Class Registration System via Template

Regpack offers a few different class registration system templates to choose from. Select which one works best for you based on the contents of each template including simple vs complex, individual or group, and the number of pre-made forms you’ll want to have.

The descriptions for all the templates will help you decide.

In this example, we’re creating a simple group registration class registration system:

For the system we chose, the primary contact for a family would create an account, fill out a series of forms, and then create separate profiles for each attendee.

For each attendee, they answer any questions, make a selection from a list of events or order products, and make payments. Any payment method they use can be saved and used across all attendee profiles so they would only need to enter their payment information once.

This system includes:

• A set of forms for the account holder, and a separate set of forms which can be filled out for each additional profile. In either set, they can answer any questions, sign agreements, upload documents, etc…
• A products module which gives each profile a convenient way to make selections between priced or un-priced products and services
• A checkout in which payments are made individually for each profile, allowing the applicant to pay with different cards or at different times for each profile

Customize your template


class registration forms

The template includes 2 parent level forms (parent information + emergency contact information) and are both triggered to add when a user account is created.

Once the parent completes these 2 forms, 6 more forms are triggered to add that are on the “child” level. Learn about how to trigger forms here. This is where you’ll input information for the attendees including basic information, the selection of products, e-sign terms and conditions, confirm product selection, select payment options including autobilling, and final checkout where payment is made.

Hover over each form and click “Edit Form Fields” to access each form and customize as needed, including renaming fields, removing fields you don’t need, and adding fields you want to include. Learn about editing forms here.


Once you’re done with the forms, head over to Products to add the products you’ll want your families to choose from on the product selection page.

create products class system

You can create 3 different products: date based sessions, merchandise or 1 time fees, and discounts.

Create as many products and product categories as you need.

Learn more about products and sessions.


This template comes with 2 pre built Autobill templates for you to use and the widget is already on the “payment options” form in this template.

We recommend adding at least 1 more plan and ensure that the 2 default plans included match your needs.

There is a “pay in full” plan which requires full payment at checkout.

The deposit option allows for a deposit payment only with full payment on a date specified by you with the card saved on file from the deposit payment.

Autobill ensures you get paid on the payment due dates without any further action from you or the user. The saved payment method will charge automatically according to the terms of the plan.

To learn how to create a new autobill plan, head to this post.

create autobill plan


Next up, head over to the reports section and create some report templates you know you’ll use. You can always create these later, but easy to do when you’re setting up!

Here are some common reports in Regpack you can create too!

steps to create and run a roster report


You’ll next want to create at least some basic email templates that you plan to trigger to automate your registration process.

Common email templates that are triggered include:

  • Thanks for registering!
    • Trigger this when a user account is created and send to the parent
  • Thanks for completing registration
    • Trigger this when a user has all forms marked completed
    • Include a cart list token to sum up what was ordered and paid for
  • Balance due
    • This is helpful to have if you’d like to filter for families with an outstanding balance. Simply filter and bulk send the email to everyone who meets the criteria. Use tokens to personalize the email with information about their cart, past payments and balance due. Learn more about creating this type of email and what tokens to use here.

Go Live!

Once you’re all set up, make sure to test your system and turn your system on!

You can reach out to Regpack Support via support@regpacks.com with any questions!