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New Payment Communication & Management Tools | August 2021

We added a handful of new tools that allow you to communicate payment information to users and admins in your project much easier!

Financial Contact

Head over to Settings –> Project Settings –> Payments to set the email payment receipts come from in your project, add financial contacts, and turn on the option to send end-user payment emails to admins.

Read more here.

Transfer User Payments and User Cart Within the Same Project

All owners in your organization have the ability to transfer user payments and a user cart from one user to another.

In a family or group system, you can transfer payments to both head and subunits, as well as cart items. Note that when transferring a cart from a head unit to a subunit, or a subunit to a head unit, the products in the cart must be a head and sub unit-level product. If not, the cart transfer will not succeed.

We recommend when transferring a user cart, to also transfer the payments associated to keep everything aligned.

Read more here.

View Project Level Payment and Order Day from “View all Projects”

By clicking the project name at the bottom right, you can view the user, order, paid and balance details of every project in your organization. Click “View all” and you will see the same view for ALL projects if  you have more than the number shown in the view above.

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