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System and Feature Updates


Feature Updates

Multiple Entry Points
Google Sign-On
User Tags
Autobill Filtering
Payment and Cart Transfers
Cart Filters

Release Notes

September 2021
August 2021
July 2021
June 2021
May 2021
April 2021
March 2021
February 14, 2021
February 1, 2021
January 26, 2021

Latest Feature Updates

Cart Filters

You can now filter users by items in their cart, including the order amount range, order date range, upcoming renewal date, product type (including discounts), and the status of the user’s cart. This is a great tool to find user’s with nothing in their cart or users with specific product types in their cart.


Regpack provides an easy to build template to create a customized donation tool that you can embed on your website and share with anyone!

View more on how to build this out in Regpack here.

Multiple Entry Points

This function allows you to present separate and independent registration landing pages that all lead back to the same backend database in 1 Regpack project.

How to get form specific embed codes

Recipe: Create and Display Sessions on Multiple Pages of Your Website

Desk Side Chat: Multiple Entry Points

Google Sign-On

We’ve added the option to log in to your Regpack admin account using your Google account for a simple one-step login process. Additionally, front end users can create an account for any Regpack project using Google sign-on.

User Tags

User tags is a great tool for organizing and grouping your users in your Regpack project.

Read more here.

Autobill Filtering

You can now filter by autobill plan, and autobill payment status.

Read more here.

2021 Release Notes

September 2021

  • Improved project searching: projects can now be searched using the project ID.
  • ADA and ARIA additions
  • Resolved: Client project running slowly; due to system overload when asked to create multiple products at once. Solution was an optimization for logging and triggers to consolidate actions and prevent slowness.
  • Resolved: specific discount appearing twice on sessions.
  • Resolved: Add and show on trigger was not working correctly.
  • Resolved: Unable to filter by short answer field for zip codes.
  • Resolved: Check payment status returning an error on approved payment.
  • Resolved: Partial refunds not displaying refund information in diagnostic information.

August 2021

  • Update: User Order Search. By clicking on any user in the backend, and then clicking “View all product orders” from the user’s cart, you can view all users who have ordered the product. A search bar was added to this view, that allows an admin to search for any user in the product order list. The search bar is triggered only when there are 10+ orders for the product.
  • Resolved: Some refunds were stuck in pending status.
  • Resolved: some discounts not triggering based on the number of sessions.
  • Resolved: “keep this option” for time conflicts and sessions. Problem when processing the request on a session, which happened only when a user clicked “days” and then selected all.

July 2021

  • New feature: Payment and Cart Transfers: Transfer products and payments from users within the same project
  • New feature: Organizational reporting on project list. When a Super Admin views their project list, the total orders, payments, and balance due will show next to each project.
  • New Feature: Google Sign-In for Front End
  • Update: added additional recurring product features including the ability to edit the billing dates, renewing options including canceling an auto-renew, changing the renewal date, and automatically renewing now. It’s also possible to remove instances from recurring products. Lastly, “mark as added” removed as an option in Recurring products.
  • Update: Filter added to manage / track subscribed and unsubscribed users with recurring products in their cart via User Management.
  • New Feature: Payment Receipt Options; under Project Settings –> Payments, you can select the admins for the following notification types: admin payment receipts come from, financial contacts. Learn more here.
  • Update: Payment widget settings now include the ability for front-end users to disable the ability to exclude users when issuing a payment and disable the ability to exclude the current user when issuing a payment. In the back end, you can still exclude or include users. Read more here.

June 2021

  • New feature: create merchant account through Project Settings Payments Tab and assign specific merchant account on the project level
  • New feature: Data validation checks on short answer fields allow for data to be validated according to development parameters (email, URL, phone, routing number, etc)
  • New feature: Quick project navigation allows to view recently visited projects when hovering over your project list to save time and increase productivity
  • Update: When inviting a new admin or editing an existing admin, you can control the project access via Enable/Disable to all projects and project level permissions
  • New Feature: added ability to archive a project in Project Settings General
  • Update: family widget on the dashboard now has more features to control the button text values and the ability to edit user profiles from the dashboard
  • Update: checkout widget has more features to disable the ability to exclude users when issuing a payment or disable the ability to exclude the current user when issuing a payment: enhanced billing functions for greater customization
  • New feature: form spinner; when clicking a form and editing the properties, you can toggle a screen blocking spinner with a message on submission. When enabled, the system allows you to enter a custom loading message

May 2021

  • Product compliance updates.
  • Resolved: group systems with 3+ users with final amount calculation conflict
  • Resolved: issue with merchandise product creation
  • Resolved: expiration date setting missing on individual session settings

April 2021

  • Updates to payment safeguards.
  • Correction to merchandise product not showing correctly in the product widget.
  • Optimization: system optimized load speed when looking for time conflicts on the server.

March 2021

  • Product update: Merchandise/One Time Services/Activity is now 2 separate products “One Time Events / All Day Activities / Services” (requires dates to be in compliance) and “Merchandise”.
  • Time conflicts are disabled in this specific product type on the product level, but can be toggled to off to re-enable time conflicts.
  • Products optimization: Update to speed and memory of showing product options. Currently not showing products that are not yet available to increase speed on products page on front end.
  • Update: Filter by autobill, including users on or not on a plan, users with no saved payment method, users with overdue balance, and users on specific autobill plans
  • Update: “select all” sessions within the session holder. Improves reporting for sessions.
  • Update: User tags including filtering by user tags
  • Resolved refunds not reflecting in cart. Refunds were not removing the label marking a product within the cart paid.
  • Resolved: Product widget not showing when selecting a specific field due to product list being empty when triggering off a field.
  • Resolved: Main email changed on login if the email within the form was changed. It would revert back after an email was sent and you logged back in.

February 14, 2021

  • Resolved Javascript error preventing some admins from viewing payments.
  • Resolved “show” trigger not mapping correctly on auto-bill plans, causing options to not show.
  • Resolved Calendly widget not presenting correctly on some mobile devices.
  • Resolved triggers not updating when multiple-choice answer text is changed. Can now re-add previously deleted values/options or add more values.
  • Resolved issue of meta-data description being longer than 40 characters for the custom service fee message, which caused some front-end users to have trouble making a payment if the message was too long.
  • Resolved manual refunds not displaying or applying to the cart correctly for some users. Manual refunds log properly now.
  • Resolved Safari issue where widget displayed undefined and progress bar was missing.
  • Resolved issue of partial selection on a session not properly updating the price for some user carts and disabling days/price adjusted after disabling a day on the backend for the overall session cost.

February 1, 2021

  • Resolved product general setting issue for $0 priced products which were not hidden when that setting was toggled to “On”.
  • Resolved JS error causing mobile devices to not switch to the mobile RP site based on project settings.
  • Resolved widgets not displaying on the front end of mobile IOS devices.
  • Resolved discount errors connected to a specific day.

January 26, 2021

  • Resolved issue preventing product triggers to show or add on the same form.
  • Resolved issue with Facebook link that is generated when clicking registration link on the FB app.
  • Resolved $0 priced products hiding sessions in some cases.
  • Resolved issues of some authorized payments not capturing at the correct time.
  • Added Membership templates to available template for new project creation.
  • Resolved system sending duplicate calls for child payments.
  • Resolved “view days” not showing on confirm selection widget.