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Create a New Report

Reports are great for extracting the information you’ve already collected during registration. You can export a report as a CSV file or PDF file.

Quick steps to creating a new report:

  1. Click Settings —> Reports
  2. Click “Create new Report” at the top
  3. Select a category and name your report.
  4. Add fields you want captured in the report.
  5. Click save!

steps to create and run a roster report

To begin creating your report, make sure you are in Report Management by selecting the “Reports” section in the “Settings” menu.

There are two ways to create a new report. You can select the blue “Create New Report” button at the top.

create new report

The other way to create a new report is through the orange “Tools” menu at the top. Once you’ve clicked “Tools” you can select the “Create New Report” option.

create new report tool

Either way, the next step is to put the new report into a category you’ve already create and name it.

The report creation module will appear on the right hand side, where you can enter those details. The only required field is the report name. Click “Create New Report” at the bottom to begin adding data points to your new report.

Setting up Info View for your User Panel

For any report, you can designate it as an “info view”. Info view is an option that controls whether the report is viewable by clicking the name of an individual user on the User Management Page. There is no limit on how many info view reports you can make.

Select “Yes” to have the fields in the report show in the “Info” tab of the user panel.

Creating a new report in your Regpack project is easy.

From here you can select which forms to view and which fields to add to your report.

You can add and remove fields, resort the order they will display in, and rename the report fields as well.

add or remove from report

You can re-order the fields in the report by clicking and dragging the left side of the entry.

move report fields

You can rename the field by clicking the field name and then selecting update to save.

edit field name in report


Once you are done, remember to click “Save” or “Save and Return to Report Management”.

save report

Now your report is saved as a template, which you can edit if needed.