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Download a PDF or CSV of a Report

Downloading or exporting reports are a part of everyone’s process. Sometimes you just need to look at the gathered information in a different way or with a different layout, like a spreadsheet or a page per person. Well, we have got you covered on that front, you can download your information as a CSV file (spreadsheet) or as a PDF file type (page per person).

To begin, make sure you are in the User Management section of your project by selecting “Users”.

user management

Since you already have your report template created, now you have to decide which users you want to include the the report you are about to pull. Your “Filter” tool will probably be the easiest or best way to find that group of users you want. Remember, virtually any data point is filterable: complete/incomplete form, ordered/paid/waitlisted product, field answer, balance paid/owed, etc.

Once you have selected (either one by one or by selecting “all”) your group of applicants, you can either click “Run Report” or “Tools” and then “Run Report”.

run report on group of users

Once you click “Run Report”, you can select the specific report template you have already made. Select the one you want to download.

select report

This will take you to the Reports module and show you a digital version of the report you selected. You can then download the report or view the data statistics in a graph form.

download report

Click “Download” to see the options – CSV file (as in an excel spreadsheet) or PDF view (page per person).

download options

NOTE: CSV is also compatible with Open Office and Google Apps.

NOTE: When exporting CSV reports, Excel for Mac doesn’t support UTF-8 encoding in Excel for Mac, but if you IMPORT the CSV instead of double-clicking it, and then choose the Windows option as the source, it works.

Special instructions for MS Excel users:


For those with access to Google Apps:

  1. Upload CSV file to your Google Drive
  2. Once the file is uploaded go to the File tab and select “Download As”
  3. Choose the Excel compatible option for your version, either .xls or .xlsx
  4. Choose the download destination and download

For those without access to Google Apps:

  1. Open Excel and go to the File tab and click on Options.
  2. Go to advanced and click theWeb Options button. It should be under the General tab.
  3. Go to theEncodingtab and pickUTF-8from the drop-down menu.
  4. ClickOK, restart Excel and open your file.