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Edit an Existing Report

Reports are great for extracting the information you have already collected during registration. You can export a report as a CSV file or PDF file. If the information is not in the best possible order, you can adjust it!

To begin editing one of your previous reports, make sure you are in Report Management by selecting the “Reports” section in the “Settings” menu.

To edit an existing report, click “Edit Properties” or “Edit Fields”.

By editing properties, you can move the report to a different category, rename the report, or enable/disable “quick view” (quick view is an option that controls whether the report is viewable by clicking the name of an individual user on the User Management Page. There is no limit on how many quick view reports you can make).

By editing fields, you can move data points in the report, rename fields, add more fields, or remove data points from the report. Let’s edit fields…

edit fields in report

You can re-order the fields in the report by clicking and dragging the left side of the entry.

move report fields

You can rename the field by clicking the field name and then selecting update to save. This will in turn change the column name in the CSV export and the field question in the PDF export.

edit field name in report

You can select which forms to view and which fields to add and remove from your report as well.

Note: any field (on a user or admin form) is available to add to your report. That also includes the system forms, which have user details like application date, current balance, and cart list.

add or remove from report

Once you are done, remember to click “Save” or “Save and Return to Report Management”!

save report

Now your report is updated. You can make as many reports as you want, and make as many adjustments as you need.


Deleting a Report 

If you would like to delete a report in your system, simply hover over the report you want to delete, and click “Edit Properties”, which you can find next to “Edit Fields”.

A pop up will appear and you can click “Delete Report” on the bottom Left of the pop-up.