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Run Reports on Users

Running good reports are as necessary to managing information as kindling is to starting a fire. It’s possible to get by without, but makes a huge difference when you are in a storm.

It’s easy to run a good report because you make and manage your own report templates, all based on questions you created. You can run a report on all your users or a selection of users, right from the User Management tab when logged in to the Regpack system. All admins have the access to run a report, but only Assistant Admins and Super Admins have the ability to download reports. And only Super Admins can create report templates.

To begin running good reports, make sure you are in the User Management section of your project by selecting “Users”.

user management

Next, select the targeted users for your report by checking the box to the left of their names. You can do this a few ways:

  • Select users manually by checking the box next to each user.
  • Select “all” users by checking the box above the first user and selecting “All”
  • Select all users on that page by checking the box above the first user and selecting “Page”.
  • Run a filter on all of your users, and then select “all”. You can do this by using your “Filter” tool and either running a saved filter or running a new filter.

Once you have your users selected, click “Run Report” or “Tools” and then click “Run Report”.

run report on group of users

Once you have selected who you want to run a report on and have elected to run a report, the system will ask you which report you would like to run.

select report

Find and click the specific report that you’d like to run for the selected users. You will see in the pop-up all recent reports listed. You can also click “View All Reports” to view all reports you have in your system to run.

Once you select the report you want to run, this will take you to the Reports module and show you a digital version of the report you selected. You will also be given the option to download your report – you can do so by clicking “Download”.

download report

You have two download options: CSV and PDF. A PDF will generate a PDF of your data and a CSV will generate a CSV, which can be opened with Excel or Google Sheets.