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Add a Time Slot for a Schedule


The scheduler module enables you to create time units with a specific schedule for your users to select from. This will allow you to schedule interviews, coordinate volunteer schedules or conduct internal trainings.


To begin, make sure you are in the Scheduler interface by selecting the “Schedule” under the “Settings” menu.


Setting Scheduler


To create a time slot click “Create Time Unit.”


Create Time Unit


A module will open allowing you to enter the details of the specific time slot


Schedule – Select the schedule you would like to assign this time slot. If only one schedule is created it will be the default selection.


Label – This is the name of your unit.


Date – Select the date for this specific unit. Units can only span for a single day.


Time – Choose when this slot begins and ends.


Misc – This allows you to create a custom filter for internal use only.Users will not see this in the filter options.


Slots – Set the amount of users who can choose this specific time slot.


Description – Let users know what this unit entails.


You can make a unit Admin Only by clicking “On” if only admins can assign the unit rather then allowing users to select it. You can also Lock a unit after it’s been selected or hours before it’s start date by clicking “On” and entering when a user can no longer remove it from their cart.


Time Unit Configurations


Once you click “Create” the unit will be listed within your scheduler. Depending on if you are listed under the same month or week you may not see it right away.