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Create a Schedule


The scheduler module enables you to create and organize schedules for interviews, volunteer times, trainings, and more. Once you create a schedule you can create individual time units for every opportunity a user can select or be assigned, which you can learn more about here.


Setting Scheduler


To create a schedule click “Create A Schedule.” If you have an existing schedule and want to create additional schedules, click “Create Your First Schedule.”


Create Schedule


A module will open requiring the schedule’s name and schedules color. Additionally, you have two additional options:


  • Limit Selection – You have the option to limit the number of time units a user can select from this schedule by selecting the “On” and entering how many units the user can select.
  • “Select one select all” – If you have an event which occurs in a series (as in an applicant must attend every Tuesday from 3-5 for the month of June), then you can turn on this option to automatically select all units within the schedule whenever any time unit in that schedule is chosen (instead of having to go through and choose each one individually)


Create Schedule


Once you click “Create” this will automatically send you to the module to create your first Time Unit. To see this click here.