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Trigger and Timezone Settings


Your time units have defaulted trigger settings and timezone settings. By default if units do not have any triggers associated with them all users will be able to see them. Additionally, the time units in your system are automatically set to Los Angeles’ time zone. To alter these defaults, make sure you are in the Scheduler interface by selecting the “Schedule” under the “Settings” menu.


Setting Scheduler


Next, click on “Actions” and select “General Settings.


General Actions


Turning on “Present only Triggered Units” allows you to hide any unit that has no trigger assigned to it. This is great for units that are tentatively waiting on additional information or edits.


Turning on “Allow Timezones” allows users to see your time units set to whatever time unit they’re in. This is prefect if you have units in multiple timezones.


If “Allow Timezones” is turned off you can default your timezone to any location from around the world.


Trigger and Timezone Settings