Create a New Email Trigger


To create a new email trigger, first you must navigate to the Message Management area – go to the “Settings” tab and click “Emails”



Now that you are in the message management area, locate the email you would like to add a trigger to and click the purple “Trigger” button



This opens up the first step in the triggering process which is to tell the email what to do when the trigger is activated (i.e. send to these people, or how many times do I want this email sent). In the case of emails, the recipients of the email must be set (users, yourself, additional admin) as well as the frequency (only once or anytime the trigger conditions are satisfied). Click “Set Events” once you complete the first step to begin setting trigger conditions.



The next interface that will allow you to select trigger event(s) to send the email (i.e. after user has paid their balance, or when form is completed). After you select the event(s) click “That’s it. I’m Finished”





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