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Edit Product Triggers

Deciding which options specific users should see, is helpful when you have restrictions on who should or should not attend your program. A great example is an age restriction or a membership pricing differences. Product triggers will allow you to automatically  add, show, or remove products when certain conditions are met.

To begin, make sure you are in the Product Management section. Click SettingsProducts.

To edit the trigger, hover your mouse over the product with an existing trigger and click the “Triggers” button.

This opens the first step in the triggering process which is to tell the product what to do when the trigger is activated (when the criteria is met). When editing product triggers you’ll have to go through the entire process, so make sure you are comfortable with what each of the setting does (information on that is below the image).

Click “Set Trigger Conditions” once you complete the first step to begin setting trigger conditions.


Next you will need to add or remove trigger conditions. After you select the conditions, click “That’s it, I’m Finished!”

Remember to double check if “All conditions are required” or “Any condition is sufficient” is selected.



Note: When quotas are applied to products that are triggered to add to a cart automatically, the system will stop adding that product when it reaches the set limit.

Once the trigger is set the lightning bolt will light up. Clicking this bolt will allow you to easily inspect the triggers associated with that product.

Remember to also test your triggered products on the front end to make sure everything is working properly.

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