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Field Triggers

The trigger feature will allows you to create an action based on a specific action the user makes in the system.

You will be able to do the following:

  • Present items
  • Show and add products to user’s cart
  • Present forms that should be completed
  • Send emails according to selections made by your users.

Once a trigger is set, the actions happen automatically and will instantly customize the registration process for your users.

Field triggers will be populated with the fields that exist in your system.

You will be able to utilize any of the single checkbox, yes/noshort answer, and multiple choice fields as trigger conditions.

Here are a few examples:

– If you have a specific form that all applicants from California only must complete, you can trigger a form to add when a user selects “California” on your information form.

– You can also trigger additional fields to populate on your form based on an answer to a field question – for example, “Would you like to add another emergency contact?”. If yes, you can trigger additional fields to populate in order to gather that information.

– Additionally, you can trigger a specific product based on a field. For example, a student who answers “8th Grade” on a form, can have a specific product added to their cart that is ONLY for 8th grade.

Please note that the fields you wish to trigger must exist on a form created by an admin in your organization or a Regpack admin.

As a note, fields located on the Regpack system forms cannot be triggered.

field triggers

All available fields will appear according to how they exist on the forms.

The title of the form will appear in bold, along with the form category (e.g. Parent | Head Level >> First Form).

Either select the drop down next to the field or select the green “+” to add the field to the trigger conditions.

When you’re done, click the green “That’s it, I’m Finished” button to set the trigger.

field product trigger