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Managing Waitlisted Users

In this article, we will go through how to manage your users who have added themselves to waitlists.

Waitlists occur in the system once a product has been sold out, and the wait list function has been turned on for that product. You can learn more about product settings here.

Waitlists are a great way to gauge interest in a specific product; if the product sells out and a number of user’s are on the waitlist, then you know to increase the capacity in future systems. Waitlists also allow you to add additional space to a product after it has sold out.

Below you will learn how to locate waitlisted users in your project and move them off of the waitlist if desired.

To begin locating the waitlisted users, first go to the User Management page.

user management

Next, you will want to run a filter. You can run a filter by first selecting the search bar in the upper left hand corner of the page.

Here you can either type in the product name you are looking for, or you can select “Products/Services”.


You will be able to located waitlisted users by first sorting for the products that they have been waitlisted for.

Once you have located the product, select “Waitlisted” under the list of product options.

Now the system will display all users who have been waitlisted for the selected product. Note that you can stack filters to locate more than one waitlist.


Next, you can remove the user from the waitlist or add the user to the product quota.

You can begin this process by first clicking on the user’s account, then selecting “Cart” from the menu on the right hand side of the page.

If you would like to remove the user from the waitlist, you can select “Remove from Waitlist”.

Remove from waitlist

If you would like to add the user to the product so they can pay for it, you can do so by selecting “increase the quota (click to increase)”.

This will add the user to the product by increasing the quota and placing them in the additional spot.

Increase Quota