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Product/Service Triggers

The trigger feature allows your system to present and/or add products to your user’s cart, present forms that should be completed, and send emails according to selections made by your users.

Once a trigger is set, the actions happen automatically and instantly customize the registration process.

If you’d like to trigger a product, go to settings –> products –> click trigger beside the product.


Choose an action that will occur when the user meets the trigger condition(s) and then click “set trigger conditions” on the bottom right.

Trigger a product to show or not show based on the settings you provide.

A pop-up will appear that will allow you to select the condition for this product trigger.

You can use the search field at the top left to find the exact action/setting or simply navigate using the the main settings below:

 Product design

Product triggers will be populated with the products that are created in your system.

You can trigger on the total order amount (this is the total cost of the products and is located at the top of the interface), individual products, or the amount of products selected from a specific category (located at the bottom of the interface).

 Computer program

The product triggers are set according to the status of the products.

Each product has a drop down menu with different settings.

The category trigger and total amount triggers are set by entering the amount or quantity you want to activate the trigger.

  • Added to user cart -Any module with this setting will react when the specific product is added into the user’s cart whether manually by admin, manually added by the user, or automatically triggered.
  • Deleted from user cart – Any module with this setting will react when the specific product is deleted from the user’s cart. This can only be done manually by an admin.
  • Paid for – Any module with this setting will react when the specific product is paid for. The type of payment does not matter. As long as the product is paid for the trigger will activate.