Registration Triggers

The trigger feature will allow your system to present and/or add products to your user’s cart, present forms that should be completed, or send emails according to selections made by your users.

Once a trigger is set, the actions happen automatically and instantly customize the registration process.

Registration triggers are based on the overall status of the registration (i.e. “Account created” or “Child created”).

Using registration triggers, you can automatically have a form or forms add to a user’s account, send an email, add a product to their cart, and more.

To set a trigger on any of the options mentioned above, you’ll need to find the “Trigger” button next to that option. It will be purple, like below. The purple trigger button will appear next to emails and forms as well.

Once you click “Trigger”, you’ll see a list of conditions you can select for the trigger to fire. In this case, you will pick “Registration”, as highlighted below:

There are a few options under the Registration section. Below are explanations of what each of these conditions mean.

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