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Send an Email Automatically with Triggers

Emails can be sent automatically when a positive event occurs in Regpack using our conditional logic feature called triggers.

Choosing Recipient(s) and Sender

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Emails to find your emails. Find more information on creating emails here.
  2. Hover over the email you wish to send automatically and click Trigger.
  3. You will see a pop-up menu that will prompt you to select the recipient of this email. You may select any email that has been captured within your forms or any admins within this project. Click “Add” next to each email address you wish to include and click “Set Recipients.”
    1. If you wish to CC or BCC any of these email addresses, click on CC or BCC respectively to see the same menu; follow the same process.
  4. Choose the sender of the email by clicking “From.” You may select either an admin within this project or your general project email (more info on this here).

Triggering the Email

Once you have chosen your recipient(s) and sender, you can choose the condition that triggers the email to send.

  1. Click Set Trigger Conditions within the pop-up menu to view a list of conditions to choose from.
  2. Find your condition(s) and select them (some will be an option within a drop down menu, and some will require a green + to add them to your Selected Events).
  3. Ensure your condition(s) are under Selected Events. If you have more than one condition that must be met in order for the email to send, choose whether ALL conditions must be met or ANY condition can be met to send this email.
  4. Click That’s it, I’m Finished!
  5. If this email should be sent to a user every time condition(s) are met, turn Send Only Once to OFF (this is defaulted to ON to prevent users from receiving the same email twice).
  6. Click Save Email Trigger, and you’re all set.

Best Practices and Reminders

  • Confirmation Emails: If you are accepting payments and wish to send a confirmation email once a payment has been received, choose Payments -> Payment was marked as approved.
  • Emails will send immediately once the condition is met. If information within your email is captured after the condition is met, it will not be included. Consider where in the process the condition is met when choosing a trigger condition.
  • Keep in mind that child/sub-unit level emails will be sent once per child/sub-unit.