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Activate Text Based Triggers

Triggers will allow your system to present and/or add products to your user’s cart, present forms that should be completed, and send emails according to selections made by your users.

Once a trigger is set, the actions happen automatically.

Triggers are the backbone of creating a unique and customized registration process.

Text based triggers are one of many different types of triggers present throughout the system. It is helpful to think about them as short answer fields that are activated as triggers. Once a short answer field has been activated as a trigger, you can use it to trigger forms, products, and/or emails as you can with any other trigger. After the short answer field is activated, you will find it as a trigger option in the Field Trigger category.

Common uses for the text based triggers are coupon codes and hidden forms that would only be accessible through a private code.

To begin creating a text based trigger, you will want to begin on the forms page. You can access this by opening the “Settings” side bar and selecting “Forms”.


Next, you will want to decide which form the text trigger will exist in.

Hover over the form you would like to add it to, and select “Edit Form Fields”.

edit form fields in Regpack

You can now either choose to use an existing short answer field or create a new short answer field.

Once you have the short answer field created, you will want to select the field by clicking on it.

adding a coupon code to Regpack system

Now you can select “Admin Field & Filter Options” and then turn “Add field to filter options on backend” to “ON”. This is what enables you to filter for this field in the backend. Generally we recommend this setting to be set to “No” except in the case of text based triggers.

coupon code field trigger in Regpack


This will activate the short answer field as a trigger and also as a filterable option on email triggers, form triggers, and/or product triggers.