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Activate Text Based Triggers


The trigger feature will allow your system to present and/or add products to your user’s cart, present forms that should be completed, and send emails according to selections made by your users. Once a trigger is set the actions happen automatically and instantly customize the registration process.


Text based triggers are short answer fields that are activated as triggers. Once activated, you can trigger forms, products, and/or emails as you can with any other trigger. After the short answer field is activated, you will find it as a trigger option in the Field Trigger category.


Go to the Form Management module:



Access the fields by clicking “Edit Fields” while your mouse over the form name:



Locate the short answer field you would like activate as a trigger and open the options panel:



Click “Add field to filter options”:



This will activate the short answer field as a trigger and also as a filterable option on email triggers, form triggers, and/or product triggers: