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Trigger Conditional Logic for Forms

Conditional logic, or triggers in Regpack, allows you to set forms to add to a registrant when something specific happens such as when their account is created or when they select a certain answer to a question.

All forms need a trigger, so let’s take a look at how to add one.

To add a trigger, begin by clicking Settings -> Forms on the side bar.

Next, hover over the form you’d like to add a trigger to. Click the purple trigger button to begin adding your trigger.

Note: If the lightning bolt is purple, this indicates that the form already has a trigger. If it is transparent, then a trigger has not yet been added. Make sure that all of your trigger icons are purple before launching!

If you do not yet have a trigger on a form, you will see this menu. If you do not need a specific trigger for a form (i.e. off of a field answer, when a payment is made, or when a product is ordered), then click Registration to find the general trigger needed for forms.

trigger a form

Once you have selected registration, select User Account Created. This ensures that this form will appear automatically for all users once their account is created.

NOTE: If you have a family/group system, all child/sub-unit level forms that do not have a specific trigger will need “Child Created”.

Once you have selected your appropriate trigger, click “That’s it, I’m finished!” to apply your trigger.



  • RegistrationThis section has options based on the overall registration (i.e. “user account created” or “child created”). Choose these for default triggers if you do not need a specific trigger.
  • StatusTriggers in this section are comprised of the statuses that are created in the User Management section (i.e. “excluded status” or some other custom status).
  • PaymentsThis section allows you to trigger based on the status of each payment made (i.e. “payment compete” or “needs to close balance”).
  • Forms: Form triggers can be set on the status of forms in a user’s registration (i.e. “form complete” or “form incomplete”).
  • Products/ServicesThese are triggers that can be set on selection and payment of products (i.e.”product added to cart” or “product paid for”).
  • Fields: Field triggers are set according to the answers selected by your registrants (i.e. if they say yes to a yes/no question or select a certain answer in a multiple choice field).
  • Trigger settings:
    • All options are required: The trigger will not activate unless ALL conditions are met.
    • Any option is sufficient: The trigger will activate on ANY conditions that are listed.


TIP: If you are trying to trigger the field based on the question above it, we’d recommend you start typing the question into the search bar – it will automatically pop up as you keep typing!


Once the trigger is set, the lightning bolt located on the left of the form name will turn purple. Clicking this bolt will allow you to easily inspect the triggers associated with that field. Click the “Edit” button to make changes to the trigger that is currently set.