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Waitlist Trigger Options

You can utilize triggers throughout the Regpack system to cause things to occur automatically and customize the user’s registration experience.

You can trigger forms to display based on a specific action, products to automatically add to a user’s cart, and even send emails to users.

One of the handy trigger conditions is the waitlist or ” Waitlisted” trigger.

This trigger allows you to cause actions to occur once a user adds themselves to a waitlist for a product.

This is most often utilized to send out a specific email to the user letting them know that they have been added to a waitlist, and as well as communicate an approximation of the timeline for the waitlist.

In the same way, this trigger can be utilized to send an email to the admin to let them know that a product quota has been filled, and user’s are still interested in signing up beyond its capacity.

Below we will walk through how to set up a waitlist trigger on an email in the system.

First, you will want to open up the Email page by going to the Settings bar on the left hand side of the screen and selecting “Emails”.

Now, you can choose to trigger an existing email, or select to create a new one. If you will want to create a new email, go ahead and get started by selecting “Create New Email” in the upper left hand corner of the screen. If you would like to learn more about creating new emails, check out this article on how to create a new email.

Once your email is ready to be triggered, go ahead and select “Trigger” while hovering over the email.

Next, you can choose who the email will be sending out to, and from who it should be sent. Generally you will want the email to send to the head unit (in a family system) or the email on file for the user (in an individual system).

You can choose to have an admin in your system “cc-ed” so they are alerted anytime a user is added to a waitlist. From there, the admin can mark that user with a “Waistlist” status. You can then trigger an email to go out and forms to add to their profile once you change their status from “Waitlist” to another status, such as “Accepted”.

You can also create a 2nd email that will send ONLY to an admin with specific information about the user/family. After you create the email with tokens to identify the user and product waitlisted, make sure the “Send Only Once” setting is turned “OFF” so that the alert can go out more than once.

After the sending instructions are complete, go ahead and select “Set Trigger Conditions” at the bottom of the menu.

Finally, you will want to choose “Products / Services” and scroll to the product that you would like to have the trigger work on.

Once this product is selected after it has been sold out, then this trigger will work and send off the email.

Product Waitlisted

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