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Add Forms as an Admin to Multiple Users

Sometimes your registration flow is not as straightforward as everyone else’s – that is okay; we have got you covered. Whether it is a multi-step application, a last minute required form, or a post-registration survey/evaluation form, you are still in charge of what information you are gathering from your applicants. You can add in forms to their flow at any time.

First thing though, you need to decide who should fill out the new form. Is it everyone or only specific users?

Make sure you are in the User Management section of your project, by clicking “Users“. Then use the Filter button to narrow down the group of users that need a new form. Could be everyone enrolled in a certain option, or everyone who answered a specific question. Then select all.

user and select users

These selected users should be the applicants you want to show a new form to upon their next login. The ones you want additional information from. Once those are selected, click “Tools” and “Add Forms to Users” under the “Forms” section.

add forms to users

Once you select “Add Forms to Users”, the system will ask you which forms to add. Select the form or forms you want to add by clicking the “+ Add” button. Then submit your answer by clicking “+ Add Forms”.

add form to users

Once you submit your action, the system will update your selected users automatically. To double-check that your users have the appropriate forms, try clicking one someone’s status bar (the colored bar that shows how many complete / incomplete forms they have).

Side Note: This is also how you can add forms to one user.

check form status

The new form should be red (indicating it is incomplete), whereas the completed forms are green. As an admin you can override a form’s status (complete, incomplete, locked, unlocked) or completely remove/add a form to a specific user (or group of users).