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Add a Private Product to Specific User


Admins often encounter situations where they need to add a Product to a specific User to correct a problem (ex:providing a special discount, over-booking an event).


Private products solve this problem – they allow Admin to add specific (one time only) Products into the Carts of users. All private products can only be entered one at a time. If it is a product that must be added to multiple users we advise you to create the Product in the Product Management tab and distribute it by using the Actions panel in User Management.


Begin in the User Management interface by selecting the Users tab. There are two different ways to add private product.



First Approach:

1. Mouse over the User and click on the User menu to the far right (which appears as a triangle inside of a green circle).



2. Select Add a private product in the Orders & Payments section



Second Approach:


1. Open the Cart of the specific user you would like to add a private product to and click Add Product button.



3. ClickAdd Private Product button



From this point, all of the directions are the same. Those actions will open a Private Product module where you must enter the name and price of the Product, and then click Add Private Product



The Private Product will now appear in the User’s cart.