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Add a Private Product to Specific User

Admins often encounter situations where they need to add a Product to a specific User to correct a problem (ex:providing a special discount, over-booking an event).

Private products solve this problem – they allow Admin to add specific (one time only) Products into the Carts of users. All private products can only be entered one at a time.

If it is a product that must be added to multiple users, we advise you to create the Product in the Product Management tab and distribute it by using the Actions panel in User Management.

Begin in the User Management interface by selecting the Users tab.

regpack user management

1. Mouse over the User and click on the leftmost number. This will open up this User’s cart list to show you their ordered products.

This number represents the total amount this User owes.

For reference, the second number contains the amount that they’ve paid. Clicking on this number will bring up your User’s payments. The third number will let you know how much this User still owes to clear their balance.

2. Click “Add Products / Services” to pull up the Add Products menu. Note that in this menu, you can see all facets of a User’s profile: their forms, emails, admin comments, what they’ve paid, and what autobilling schedule they may be on.

add product or services to user

Click “Add Private Product” in order to begin adding a private product to your User’s cart. Here, you will see all of the products that are available to add to this User. Note that you can remove or add additional products via this menu as well.

select products to add to user cart

Fill out the details of your private product. Add a name, provide the quantity, determine the price of the product, and add an optional description. After you are done with your details, click “Add.

add a new product to a user cart

Your private product will now appear in the User’s cart.