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Add Product to a Specific User


Admins often encounter situations where they need to add a Product to a specific User to correct some problem (ex: to provide a special discount or to over-book an event).


Begin in the User Management tab. There are three different ways to add Private Products: Two through the User’s menu and the other through the Actions panel.



First approach:


1. Mouse over the user and click on the user menu to the far right (which appears as a triangle inside of a green circle).



2. Select Add a product in the Orders & Payments section



Second Approach:


1. Open the cart of the specific user you would like to add a product to.



2. Click Add Product button



Third Approach (involves the Tools button):


1. Select the checkbox next to your user’s name


2. Click the Tools button then Add Product under the Orders & Payments section


From this point, all of the directions are the same. Those actions will open a product module where you can select the productsyou would like to add by either entering a quantity or checking the box then click Update



The Product will now appear in the User’s cart.