Add Product to a Specific User

To add products to a user or users cart:

  1. Select the user or users you wish to add a product or session to.
  2. Click “Tools” and “Add Products/Services” or simply click “Add Products Services” once a user or users is selected at the top.
  3. To add a product to a specific user’s cart, open the user panel and navigate to the “Cart” tab, and click the green “Add Products/Services” button
  4. A pop-up will appear with your product list. Simply click a product or products to add and confirm by clicking the green button


Admins often encounter situations where they need to add a product (or products) to a specific user (or group of users). Examples include: to provide a special discount, approve a certain group trip, move someone off the waitlist, etc.

It’s easy to add products to a user or users in Regpack. To begin, click “Users”.

There are three different ways to add product(s): Two through the user’s profile on the User page and the other through the Tools button on the User page.

First approach: Add New Product/Service

1. Click the first dollar amount on the user’s profile. This amount corresponds to the amount they ordered. It will also bring up the products and discounts in their cart.

2. Click “Add Products / Services” at the bottom (see image below) and then select from your user’s eligible product options.

Note: If you have any triggers set to show certain products or services, only those products that the user is eligible to select will display for you, the admin, to choose from. If the user is a member, then only the products that members should see will be available for you to pick from.

Second Approach: Add a private product

1. Open the cart of the specific user you would like to add a product to by clicking the first dollar amount on the user’s profile like before.

2. Click “Add Products / Services” at the bottom and then click “Add Private Product”.

Follow the prompts to create a new private product.

Third Approach: Tools

1. Find the user or group of users you would like to add products to by using the Filter tool. Then Select them by clicking the box next to their name.

2. There are two spots to add products. One is under the “Tools” section. Or you can select “Add Products/Services” at the top of the user list. Both options are marked in the image below.

From this point, all of the directions are the same. You will only be able to select from product options that the user is eligible to view/select based on the triggers you set up beforehand. Click “Update” when you are done to save.

The product (or products)will now appear in the users (or user)’s cart.

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