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Assign Users to an Admin and Set User Followers

This feature will allow you to more easily organize target user groups by assigning a user or group of users to a specific admin. You can also add followers to a user or group of users, in addition to the admin assignment.

To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the left and under the Regpack logo.

Select the users you would like to assign the same status (remember you can use the filter search to target specific groups). You can select all users, all filtered users, or all users on the page.

select multiple users

From here you have two options. The first option is to click “Tools”, at the top, and select the relevant assignment. This option is best for when you are assigning multiple users to the same admin.

You can assign users to an admin, un-assign them, set followers for those users and remove followers for those users.

assign admin

If you have selected one  users, you can also assign an admin by clicking the admin icon in Users, as shown below.

assign admin

From there, click “Edit”, and you’ll view a list of all admins in your system. Simply select the admin you’d like to assign to this user.

assign admin

Click “Assign” next to the name of the admin you’d like to assign this user to.

Once you’ve done this, it will show “Unassign” in red. Simply click again to unassign this admin from this user.

view assigned admin

Notice in the image above, the top 2 users have an assigned admin, while the 3rd does not. You can filter by users assigned to a specific admin using the filter function.

To change or edit a user’s assigned admin, simply click on the icon to edit those details.

Set Followers

The process is the same to set followers for a specific user.

set followers

Instead of clicking “Edit” to assign the user to an admin, simply click the “+” icon to set followers. Followers will receive email notifications on changes or comments made to this user.

You can also select followers for multiple users from the “Tools” drop-down.

assign admin

Simply select 1 or more users and click either “Set Followers” or “Remove Followers”.

Assigned Admins Stay as a Follower when Removed

Note that when you remove an admin as the “assigned admin” on a user, the admin will automatically remain as a “follower” on the user.