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Assign Multiple Users to One Admin


Assigning users to an admin is a great way to manage registration with your team. There are many use cases to assign users to an admin as part of your process, and Regpack makes this easy.


It can be quick and save time to assign a group of users to one specific admin, and you can do this easily with Regpack.


To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo.



Select the checkbox (which appears to the left of the users’ names) for all of the users you’d like to assign to an admin. It’s helpful to filter users by a specific data point to find the list of users you want to assign to an admin. If a filter doesn’t work for your purposes, you can simply check each user individually.



Once the users you want to assign to an admin are selected, click “Tools” and select whether you would like to assign the selected users to yourself, un-assign them to yourself if they are already assigned, assign the users to an existing Admin in the system, or to a new admin you would like to invite.


assign multiple users to an admin


The initials of the assigned Admin will display to the left of the user’s entry.



To remove the Admins’ assignments from multiple users, repeat the process again but instead select “un-assign to admin.”


You can also assign a user or users to more than one admin. When you click “Assign to Admin”, simply click the blue “Assign” button next to every admin you’d like to assign to that user or group of users and those admins will be assigned to the user(s).



Note that you can filter by users assigned to yourself or a specific admin as a way to find this group of users in the future. Simply click “Filter” up at the top, “Filter Options”, and “Assigned to Admin” and then select which admin you want to filter for you.


filter assigned users