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Creating a Test User

Creating a test user is an integral part of using the Regpack system, as well as key step in preparing your system to go live. Test users are registration profiles created by an admin in order to preview what the system will look like for registrants. They are a great tool to utilize whenever a change has been made to the system.

The process of creating test users begins with locating the link to the front end of your system. During the build process, your Project Manager will have provided you with a link that looks something like this: www.regpacks.com/reg/templates/build/?g_id=numbers. Each system will contain it’s own unique build link, and this can always be located in the system under “Settings” > “Project Settings”. The link will be written in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Project Settings

First, click the link to open the front end in a new tab. Next, you can begin the process of entering in test information into the registration fields.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will want to be sure that you utilize a fake email address when registering in the system. Creating a test user with a real email address can cause complications for your registration down the line. Each account (test or real) is recognized in the system based on its email address, and only one email account per user can exist at a time. Due to this, we recommend that you utilize a made-up email address to create a test user. Email address like 123@regpacks.com, test@regpacks.com, etc. will work perfectly here.

Next, go through the registration process, and note anything that you might like to update in the back end of the system.

You will want to repeat this process (and create a new test user each go around) until the system looks ready to go!