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Creating a New Family


It’s possible, and easy, to create a new family manually in the back end of your Regpack system.


To begin, make sure you are in the User Management interface by selecting the “Users” tab located to the right of the Regpack logo:



1) Click on the actions button (located directly under the title “User Management”), and then click the button titled “Create New Family”.



2) At this point, you will need to enter the email address that will become the log-in email for your new family.  Once you have a selected a valid email, you can choose to set a password for them, or to have the system generate one.


If you have the system generate one for you, your user will be able to reset the password upon log in by clicking “forgot password” and following the instructions in the forgot password email.




3) After the password has been established, you will be taken to the first page of the parents registration form. At this point, you can choose whether to enter more known information or allow the parent to continue registration from there.


Creating a New User 


The process is the same for creating a new user in an individual system. Instead of “create new family” you will see, “Create New User” and follow the same prompts.


Creating a New Sub-Unit 


If you would like to create a new sub-unit in a family system, not a new family, you simply need to hover over and then click the green circle icon next to the head unit in User Management.



Once you click, you will be shown a pop-up with the option to “Create new child/sub-unit”.



Once you click “create new child / sub-unit”, you will be taken to the form where a new child / sub-unit is added and can fill in the details there. You can fill in as much or as little as you’d like and then direct the head until to complete any additional fields and/or forms.